Havilland Maxwell is a creative business coach on a mission to help freelancers and small business owners get out of their own way to start or grow the business they’ll love. Her goal is to help you attract clients, gain more clarity and more confidence as a business owner.

When she’s not coaching, Havilland is a freelance voice actor and on-camera talent. For over a decade, she's lent her voice to companies around the country. Her client list includes Apple, MasterCard, TJMaxx, Capital One, Nicorette, United Way and more.

Her course Freelance Without Fear is designed to help you get started as a freelancer and give you the tools you need to enjoy a successful freelancing journey.     

You can also download her book In Real Life, I'm a Creative Badass...it's filled with real talk about what to expect when you choose to take a leap of faith and step out on your own.

And just in case you were wondering...her perfect world is one where bookmobiles, encouragement and sweet tea are readily available to everyone. Llamas would always be on the loose, and of course she'd love harmony and world peace too.