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How to Get Work with Networking


Networking doesn't have to be scary!

It can be one of the greatest ways to build long lasting relationships. Those relationships can lead to a larger support system for you in your business. That support system can help you gain referrals, which lead to new clients - and the financial growth of your business!

This interactive workshop is specifically designed for creative freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. The information you receive will help you move past those sweaty palms, nervous stomachs, and awkward silences that sometimes plague introverted or newbie networkers. You will laugh and learn. We'll be in a comfortable, casual environment. And snacks will be on hand :)

You'll leave this workshop knowing:

* How to simplify small talk

* How to master the "What Do You Do?" question (you'll learn how to craft your "15-second elevator speech")

* How to stay in touch & maintain relationships with your new connections

*How to break the ice at a networking event without feeling "icky or scammy"

Remember the old saying.. It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.

After this workshop, you'll be able to confidently work your way up to building relationships that lead to filling your client roster, and you'll gain the business support you need while working solo. You'll leave with a more positive definition of networking, and you'll be able to take what you've learned and put it into practice at your next event!

Don't miss out on those great connections because you're introverted, nervous about what to say, or just don't know how to handle face-to-face interactions. You don't want to miss out on making that connection that could lead to you being able to add more clients to your rostergrant you more money, and spike your business growth.



Havilland Maxwell

Havilland is a creative encourager to freelancers and solopreneurs. She understands what it's like to build a successful freelancing business from scratch. For over a decade she's worked as an on-camera talent/voice actor bringing voices to life for companies including Apple, Capital One, Nicorette, TJ Maxx and more. She's on a mission to help creative freelancers use their gifts and talents to grow their businesses, with the Freelance Without Fear program. You can often find her wandering around bookstores and drinking really strong sweet tea. 


This was so informative, fun, and inspirational.
— Karen Bradford
I loved how involved we were in the workshop. It was very interactive, and not just a lecture environment.
— Victor Belikov
Thanks for offering tools that I can use to better myself and my business. Your material has truly been a blessing. 
— Jessica Terry
I walked away feeling invigorated. Havilland has a way of making the complicated seem simple so you can understand exactly what you’re supposed to get from it and then you can run with it.
— JaKaila Nasheed
I have a stronger sense of confidence, and I have a sense of direction that I didn’t have before attending this event.
— Marrett Laney
[I learned] networking isn’t as scary as it seems.
— Brian Kear




I'll see you soon :)

If your business comes from relationships, relationships should be your business.
— Doug Ales

** Workshop attendees will receive advanced notice and discounts to future events **

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